Wildlife Habitat Grant Program, Deadline Aug. 12


The Department of Natural Resources today announced that it will accept Wildlife Habitat Grant Program applications through Aug. 12, 2014. Projects featuring habitat enhancement for game species will be given highest priority.

The Wildlife Habitat Grant Program (WHGP) began in October 2013 and will be funded with a portion of the revenue from hunting and fishing licenses sold each year. The DNR administers the WHGP through a cooperative effort between its Wildlife Division and Grants Management Section.

The main objective of the WHGP is to enhance and improve the quality and quantity of game species habitat in support of a specific goal from the Wildlife Division’s strategic plan, The GPS. This goal is:

  • GPS Goal 2 – Manage habitat for sustainable wildlife populations in a changing environment

“This is an exciting opportunity to partner with others in the state to increase the habitat available for game species in Michigan and to enhance the existing habitat for the benefit of hunters, trappers and wildlife viewers,” said DNR Wildlife Division Chief Russ Mason.

Funding is available for local, state, federal and tribal governments, profit and nonprofit groups, and individuals through an open, competitive process. Minimum grant amounts will be set at $15,000, with the maximum being the amount of funds available for that grant cycle. The 2015 overall available grant amount is approximately $1 million.

The Wildlife Habitat Grant Program application period began July 1and will end at the close of business Aug. 12. Successful grant applications will be announced by Oct. 1. The detailed program handbook and application are available at www.michigan.gov/dnr-grants. Prospective applicants should review those materials when deciding whether to apply.

Image source: USDA NCRS

Wildlife Habitat Grant Program, Deadline Aug. 12

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