Wetland Grants, Due May 13

Wetland Program Development Grants (WPDGs) assist state, tribal, local government (S/T/LG) agencies and interstate/intertribal entities in building or refining state/tribal/local programs which protect, manage, and restore wetlands. The primary focus of these grants is to build/refine state and tribal wetland programs. A secondary focus is to build/refine local (e.g. county or municipal) programs.   All proposals submitted under this RFP must be for projects that build or refine state/tribal/local government wetland programs. Implementation of wetland protection programs is not an eligible project under this announcement.
Wetland mapping as part of a project to build or refine a state/tribal/local government program to research, investigate, experiment, train, demonstrate, survey, and study the causes, effects, extent, prevention, reduction, and elimination of water pollution is eligible for funding. Wetland mapping and monitoring projects are eligible for funding under this announcement as they are considered studies or investigations that build or refine state/tribal/local government programs.
Examples of anticipated outcomes from the assistance agreements to be awarded under this announcement include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased understanding of a wetland’s condition;
  • Increased understanding of wetland ecologic condition at population scales (i.e., state, tribal, or regional);
  • Improved wetland protection efforts; • Increased understanding of the impacts of climate change on wetlands;
  • Improved wetland inventories and baseline condition assessments to address climate change and sea level rise effects;
  • Improved data to use in modeling potential hydrologic change, ecosystem/biogeographic shifts, wetland losses, or wetland increases on the landscape;
  • Increased understanding of how to ensure “no net loss” in quality and quantity of wetlands in the CWA 404 or state/tribal regulatory program;
  • Increased quantity of wetlands; • Increased quality of wetlands;
  • Improved baseline information on wetland extent, condition and performance to inform effective adaptation to climate change; and
  • Increased understanding of and ecological success of wetland/stream compensatory mitigation.

States and tribes can apply under Track One or Track Two. Local governments, interstate agencies, intertribal consortia, and eligible universities that are agencies of a state government can apply under Track Two only.  Contact us for more information. To learn more about GFA visit our website at http://gfa.tc.

Wetland Grants, Due May 13

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