Upcoming funding opportunities for alternative fuel projects

$480 Million Solicitation for Integrated Pilot- and Demonstration-Scale Biorefineries
Projects selected under this Funding Opportunity Announcement will work to validate integrated biorefinery technologies that produce advanced biofuels, bioproducts, and heat and power in an integrated system, thus enabling private financing of commercial-scale replications.
DOE anticipates making 10 to 20 awards for refineries at various scales and designs, all to be operational in the next three years. The DOE funding ceiling is $25 million for pilot-scale projects and $50 million for demonstration scale projects.
These integrated biorefineries will reduce dependence on petroleum-based transportation fuels and chemicals. They will also facilitate the development of an “advanced biofuels” industry to meet the federal Renewable Fuel Standards.

Demonstration of Integrated Biorefinery Operations, Application Deadline May 29.

Advanced Water Power, Deadline June 4
The three Topic Areas are: 1. Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy Conversion Device or Component Design and Development 2. Marine and Hydrokinetic Site-specific Environmental Studies/Information 3. Advanced Water Power Market Acceleration Projects/Analysis and Assessments In addition a parallel Program Announcement (PA) directed at Department of Energy Laboratories to address technical challenges in water power development, as well as market acceptance barriers has been issued.

Biomass Research and Development Initiative, Application Deadline June 11
The purpose of the Initiative is to competitively award grants to eligible entities to carry out research on and development and demonstration of
(A): biofuels and biobased products; and
(B) the methods, practices and technologies, for the production of biofuels and biobased products. Project Description DOE and USDA/CSREES are, therefore, seeking pre-applications to address the Technical Areas as set out in Section 9008 of the FCEA. The Technical Areas defined in the FCEA are the only eligible topic areas under this FOA.

The Technical Areas are: (A) FEEDSTOCKS DEVELOPMENT Research, development, and demonstration activities regarding feedstocks genetic, and feedstock logistics (including the harvest, handling, transport, preprocessing, and storage) relevant to production of raw materials for conversion to biofuels and biobased products.
(B) BIOFUELS AND BIOBASED PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT. Research, development, and demonstration activities to support (i) the development of diverse cost-effective technologies for the use of cellulosic biomass in the production of biofuels and biobased products; and (ii) product diversification through technologies relevant to production of a range of biobased products (including chemicals, animal feeds, and cogenerated power) that potentially can increase the feasibility of fuel production in a biorefinery.
(i) STRATEGIC GUIDANCE. Development of analysis that provides strategic guidance for the application of renewable biomass technologies to improve sustainability and environmental quality, cost effectiveness, security, and rural economic development.
(ii) ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. Development of systematic evaluations of the impact of expanded biofuel production on the environment (including forest land) and on the food supply for humans and animals, including the improvement and development of tools for life cycle analysis of current and potential biofuels.
(iii) ASSESSMENT OF FEDERAL LAND. Assessments of the potential of Federal land resources to increase the production of feedstocks for biofuels and biobased products, consistent with the integrity of soil and water resources and with other environmental considerations. Detailed descriptions and desired outcomes of each topic are found in Appendix C. Research, Development, or Demonstration projects will be considered for all Technical Areas.

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Upcoming funding opportunities for alternative fuel projects

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