MDEQ’s Wellhead Protection Grant Program, Due June 15


Michigan’s Wellhead Protection Grants are a 50 percent local match program to assist public water supplies in developing and implementing a WHPP and are voluntarily implemented on the local and state levels. The goal is to protect PWSSs that use groundwater from potential sources of contamination. Protection is provided by identifying the area that contributes groundwater to the PWSS, identifying sources of contamination within that area, and developing methods to cooperatively manage the area and minimize any threat to the PWSS.

Grant eligible activities are tasks undertaken for the purpose of determining a wellhead protection area, developing, implementing or maintaining a wellhead protection program, and public outreach or education about wellhead protection. PWSSs that utilize groundwater as a source of drinking water, which are exclusive of federally owned facilities, and that have no outstanding prior year fees owed to the
state, are eligible for grant assistance.

The minimum application requirements include:

  • A 50 percent local match that must be provided through local funds equal to the amount of grant assistance requested.
  • A wellhead protection team consisting of at least three people.
  • A minimum score of ten on the application.

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MDEQ’s Wellhead Protection Grant Program, Due June 15