S2 Update – From the Revolving Loan Office

No funding will be pursued in the current fiscal year for the S2 Grant Program.  This decision was made at the State Budget Office.  It has been recommended by the DNRE that $40 million be provided for the S2 Grant program in FY2012.  The State Budget Office will evaluate the request.  There is a 50 percent chance that the requested funds will be provided.

Given this information, I would encourage your SRF projects in the fundable range to continue to meet their milestone dates.  In my opinion, it would NOT be advantageous for a community to forgo funding in the current fiscal year in pursuit of an S2 Grant in FY2012.

Much time has gone into preparing the necessary documents for the S2 Grants.  We will finish those currently not complete.  The application for an S2 Grant will NOT be released to the public until the funding is available.

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S2 Update – From the Revolving Loan Office

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