Rural Development Business Opportunity Grants, Deadline Aug. 1

The RBOG program promotes sustainable economic development in rural communities with exceptional needs through provision of training and technical assistance for business development, entrepreneurs, and economic development officials and to assist with economic development planning.

Who is eligible?
Rural public bodies, rural nonprofit corporations, rural Indian tribes, and cooperatives with primarily rural members that conduct activities for the mutual benefit of the membership are eligible provided they have sufficient financial strength and expertise to carry out the activity to be funded.

How much money is available?
Expected Number of Awards:     27
Estimated Total Program Funding:     $2,500,000
Award Ceiling:     $150,000

What is the maximum grant amount?
The maximum grant amount may vary from year to year, depending on availability of funds. The best way to know the maximum amount is to check the annual Notice of Funds Availability (see link at the top of the page for the current Notice).

What does rural mean?
A rural area is any area other than a city or town with a population of greater than 50,000 and any urbanized area contiguous and adjacent to such a city or town according to the latest decennial census. However, the 2008 Farm Bill created some additional exclusionary language, so if you are not sure if an area meets the definition of rural, you should check with your local Rural Development office

What types of projects are eligible?
The RBOG program is primarily a training and technical assistance program. Funds may be provided for development of export markets; feasibility studies; development of long term trade strategies; community economic development planning; business training and business based technical assistance for rural entrepreneurs and business managers; establishment of rural business incubators; and assistance with technology based economic development. The types of projects that may be funded might include identification/ analysis of business opportunities that will utilize local material and human resources; provision of leadership development training to existing or prospective rural entrepreneurs and managers; business support centers; centers for training, technology and export trade; and, economic development planning;

Rural Development Business Opportunity Grants, Deadline Aug. 1

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