Rooftop Greenery

Noticed any green roofs around you lately? If you haven’t, you may need to take a closer look! Green roofs are popping up all over, large and small. The first photo is a recycling center in Grand Haven (photo: Liveroof website) and the second is the Regatta Building on Union Street in Traverse City (photo: Liveroof website). Not only is Michigan a great spot for viewing green roof examples, it is also a great spot for purchasing green roof materials!

Liveroof, based in Spring Lake MI, is an easily accessible source of green roof supplies. They offer many options for green roof aficionados, including a plant catalog.

Global green roofs is another source, a little further downstate in Grand Rapids:

If you’re ready to delve further into the potential of green roofs, the MDEQ has prepared a primer:

GFA continually strives to make our business practices as green as possible. Internally employees voluntarily recycle paper, batteries, computer equipment and cell phones – recycling around four 50 gallon bags of paper each week. GFA recently made a sizable donation of computer equipment to the Kingsley Area Schools, providing the schools with more computer capacity and saving the used equipment from a landfill. Other green practices include: outdated and obsolete cell phones are donated to local crisis centers for reuse as 911 phones, printed materials are prepared with an eye toward recycling by the end user.

Rooftop Greenery

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