Organic Farming Grants, Due June 12

Organic Initiative Special Sign-up Extended until June 12, 2009

The 2009 Organic Initiative is a nationwide special initiative to provide financial assistance to National Organic Program (NOP) certified organic producers as well as producers in the process of transitioning to organic production. Organic producers may also apply for assistance under general EQIP.

Under the Organic Initiative, minimum core conservation practices have been set nationally. The core practices are: Conservation Crop Rotation; Cover Crop; Nutrient Management; Pest Management; Prescribed Grazing; and Forage Harvest Management. In addition, States may add any appropriate practice that meets the resource concern on a particular farm.

Applications received from organic producers or producers in transition to organic farming will be accepted under this initiative until June 12. Applications will be ranked at that time. Please contact your GFA client rep for more information!

Organic Farming Grants, Due June 12

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