Online Class Offered for Wind Energy Siting Guidance

There is a nice opportunity to learn more about wind energy siting issues without incurring the time and expense of traveling to a class. . .

The Land Policy Institute and Michigan Citizen Planner offered training on Wind Energy Siting and Policy Issues in several Michigan cities in fall 2008 and spring 2009. This workshop series, sponsored by Michigan Farm Bureau and Michigan State University, covered a wide variety of issues concerning wind energy, with a focus on wind facility siting and regulation. Training over 1,100 attendees, the workshop provided local officials, farmers and other land owners with the tools and resources necessary to implement a strategic plan for wind energy development in their community. Due to the overwhelming response to the classroom-based workshop series, Michigan Citizen Planner is now offering this workshop online.

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Wind energy has been identified as an important part of Michigan’s plan to develop renewable energy sources. However, many municipalities have not developed clear policies or regulations to address the installation of wind turbines and other necessary equipment. In addition, landowners are seeking resources on how wind business development works and the types of local issues involved in wind energy, such as siting on agricultural lands. To address these issues this workshop will cover:

• The current status and context for wind energy
• Wind energy basics and how wind is harvested
• Wind energy development process
• Michigan policy environment and legislation
• Zoning concepts and local siting issues applied to wind facilities
• Key steps to developing and implementing local zoning regulations
• Zoning sampler: model codes and Michigan examples

This training is presented by:

Wayne R. Beyea, JD, AICP
Statewide Coordinator, Citizen Planner
Associate Director, MSU Land Policy Institute

Chuck McKeown
Renewable Energy Policy Program Manager and Data and Informatics Coordinator, MSU Land Policy Institute

Michigan Citizen Planner is an MSU Extension program within the MSU Land Policy Institute: a partnership that, with the Land Policy Institute Research Team has done extensive research and outreach for wind energy development in Michigan. This presentation shares their knowledge and resources in a format geared toward local officials.

Product includes the 1.5 hour online session and access to presentation materials and handouts

Cost: $69.99

Source: MSU Citizen Planner Program

Online Class Offered for Wind Energy Siting Guidance

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