MI Recycling Grants, Apps Due March 17

Through the 2017 Recycling Infrastructure Grant Program, the DEQ will provide grants to cities, villages, townships, charter townships, counties, tribal governments, municipal solid waste authorities, resource recovery authorities, non-profit organizations, public school districts, local health departments, and regional planning agencies located in Michigan to fund recycling infrastructure projects. Potential infrastructure projects include, but are not limited to: transition from bins to carts, public space recycling containers, creation or improvement of public drop-off recycling, improving existing infrastructure, food waste projects, and electronic waste projects. Household hazardous waste projects and one-day collection events are not eligible for this grant.

The Recycling Infrastructure and Education Grant Programs together have a total of up to $500,000.00 available for grants in fiscal year 2017. Approximately $250,000 will be available under the Recycling Infrastructure Grant Program. The total grant amount requested can be any amount below a maximum grant amount request of $50,000. Grantees are required to provide local matching funds at least equal to 25% of the total grant budget. Local match funding may be greater than 25% of the total grant budget.

Eligible items (This list is not exhaustive)
–Collection and/or processing equipment such as trucks, containers (ex: residential, food waste, electronic waste, public space, public drop-off sites), bins, balers, grinders, conveyors, etc.
–New or improved structure costs such as new buildings or building improvements, new site development or improvements such as a concrete slab or paving, excluding the purchase of real property.
Ineligible Items (This list is not exhaustive)
–Registrations, licenses or permits, fees, taxes, insurance, installation and training costs, office equipment (including computers), indirect or overhead expenses, grant administration, staff expenses, household hazardous waste projects, one-day collection events, etc.

Grantees must expend grant funding to complete purchases and submit all reimbursement requests by August 31, 2018. This is a condensed version of the grant information. GFA is here to assist you, contact us for more information. To learn more about GFA visit our website at http://gfa.tc.

MI Recycling Grants, Apps Due March 17

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