Local Energy Assurance Planning Initiative, Deadline Oct 8

Today’s featured grant applies to energy planning:

“A goal of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), in part, is to: “facilitate recovery from disruptions to the energy supply” and “enhance reliability and quicker repair of outages.” This initiative will create jobs at the local level and allow Cities to have well-developed, standardized energy assurance and resiliency plans that they can rely on during energy emergencies and supply disruptions. City governments will address energy supply disruption risks and vulnerabilities in their plans to lessen the devastating impact that such incidents have on the economy and the health and safety of citizens.

This initiative, (restricted to U.S. cities) called “Local Energy Assurance Planning” (hereinafter called the LEAP Initiative) focuses on developing new, or refining existing, plans to integrate new energy portfolios (renewables, biofuels, etc) and new applications, such as Smart Grid technology (http://www.oe.energy.gov/smartgrid.htm), into energy assurance and emergency preparedness plans. Better planning efforts will help contribute to the resiliency of the energy sector, including the electricity grid, by focusing on the entire energy supply system, which includes refining, storage, and distribution of fossil and renewable fuels.”

City and township governments are eligible to apply, the program anticipates 50 awards between $60,000 and $300,000 each.

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Local Energy Assurance Planning Initiative, Deadline Oct 8

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