Lake Research Grants, Deadline Feb. 12

2016 McNALMS and MLSA Lake Research Grants Program

The Michigan Chapter North American Lake Management Society (McNALMS) and Michigan Lake and Stream Associations (MLSA) are non-profit organizations with federal 501c (3) status.  Both are dedicated to promoting the understanding and comprehensive management of Michigan’s inland lake ecosystems.

The purpose of the Lake Research Grants Program (LRGP) is to promote University student efforts to work with lakes and lake communities to enhance lake management.  Projects that increase the understanding of lake ecology, strengthen collaborative lake management, build lake partnerships and/or expand citizen involvement in lake management are eligible for consideration. Up to three grants, maximum of $2,000 per grant, will be awarded with a total of $3,000 allocated to this year’s program. Proposals will be funded for one calendar year.

Who May Apply

Applicants must be either:

  • University/College graduate student(s) conducting applied research/outreach projects
  • University/College undergraduate student(s) working on special studies projects or
  • Participants enrolled in or alumni of the Michigan Lake and Stream Leaders Institute, Michigan Conservation Stewards Program, or similar Watershed Academy

All applicants must be members or enroll as members of McNALMS when their application is submitted.  Membership is free for full-time students.  Membership applications are available on the Membership page.

Grant Application Deadlines

A Call for Proposals will be announced in December of each year. For 2016, proposals are due by 5:00pm on February 12, 2016.  Awards will be announced no later than the end of the first week of March.

Funds Distribution

In most cases, the cash award will be donated to the Department or Program in which the student resides with the understanding that the funds are earmarked for that student. Funds can be used for hourly support/wages, supplies, and travel.  Equipment purchases including computers, smartphones, tablets and similar devices are not allowed.

Uncompleted Projects

If projects are not completed in the one-year time frame, grant recipient(s) may be asked to return up to 50% of the grant funds awarded. Extensions of up to three months may be considered.

Project Renewals

Grant recipient(s) may submit a grant request in a subsequent year’s grant process for additional funds to continue or expand their project.

Project Products

Grant recipients must send a 1-2 paragraph email ( indicating progress on the project. At the end of the project period the grant recipient(s) must electronically submit a three to five page report detailing the project’s goals, methods and results. Grant recipient(s) may be asked and are encouraged to present and discuss their project and results at a McNALMS, MLSA or other educational event.

Click to download the APPLICATION FORM


Each project will be evaluated based on nine criteria.  The evaluator can give the proposal a score of 0 to 10 based upon the strength of the proposal.  A perfect score would be 90 points.  The criteria are:

  • Is the proposed research strongly related to inland lake ecosystems, lake management, collaborative lake management, lake partnerships or expand citizen involvement in lake management
  • Are there other funding sources available or proposed for this project?
  • How significantly will the research add to the understanding of lake ecosystems or lake management knowledge, build lake partnerships or expand citizen involvement?
  • Will the project have statewide interest or application?
  • Are the proposal’s objectives logical?
  • Is the research approach and methods valid?
  • Is there adequate facilities/equipment available to conduct this research?
  • Can the work be completed in the allotted time frame?
  • Does the budget reflect the amount of work proposed?

Project Submission

Download the Application, fill it in, and return it and your proposal by email to: or by US mail to: Lake Grants Program, Michigan Chapter, NALMS, PO Box 4812, East Lansing, MI 48826. Deadline for 2016 grant proposals is February 12.

Lake Research Grants, Deadline Feb. 12

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