Grants to Improve Shore-based Fishing, Deadline August 25

Access to the Great Lakes Fishery


The goal of the GLFT’s Access to the Great Lakes Fishery grant category is to improve or create opportunities for shore-based access to fishing for Great Lakes species for use by tribal and/or recreational users.

How This Goal is Achieved

The GLFT funds projects that create or enhance shore-based access to fishing, which includes construction or improvement of boardwalks and fishing piers with adjacent amenities such as parking and walkways.

Application Information

To submit an application, please download and follow the 2011 Access to the Great Lakes Fishery Application Guidance document, which will provide you with proposal requirements, submission and award dates, and instructions on submitting an application. Please use these instructions to complete the standard and required budget form for your proposal and to review budget definitions for access grants.

Applications are due by August 25, 2011, at 3:00 PM EST. Funding decisions will be made by the GLFT’s Board of Trustees on November 8, 2011. Applicants will be notified of funding decisions by November 23, 2011.

Do not use this application if your project involves the acquisition of property. For more information about land acquisition projects, click here.

Further Information

If you have questions about the project you are proposing, contact Jonathon Beard. If you have technical questions about submitting your application and/or the proposal process, contact Amy Rittenhouse. Both can be reached at (517) 371-7468 or

To review previous grants made in this category, please visit the Resource Library.

Grants to Improve Shore-based Fishing, Deadline August 25

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