EPA Brownfield Assessment & Cleanup Grants, Deadline Dec. 20

The total funding available under the national competitions for Assessment and Cleanup Grants is estimated at $54 million subject to the availability of funds and other applicable considerations. EPA may expend up to 25 percent of the amount  appropriated for Brownfields Grants on sites contaminated with petroleum. EPA anticipates awarding an estimated 294 grants among assessment and cleanup grant types. Under this competitive opportunity, EPA anticipates awarding an estimated 60 Cleanup Grants for an estimated $12 million.

Proposals will be evaluated based, among other factors, on the extent to which the applicant demonstrates: economic and environmental needs of the target communities; a vision for the reuse and redevelopment of brownfield sites and the capability to achieve that vision; reasonable and eligible tasks and use of grant funding; incorporation of equitable and sustainable approaches; community engagement, partnerships and leveraged resources to complete the project; and economic, environmental, health, and social benefits associated with the reuse and redevelopment of brownfield sites.

Cleanup Grants provide funding to carry out cleanup activities at specific brownfield sites owned by the applicant. An applicant can apply for up to $200,000 per brownfield site and can submit up to three site-specific cleanup proposals. Applicants that exceed the maximum number of proposals allowable for Cleanup Grants will be contacted, prior to review of any of the proposals by EPA, to determine which proposals the applicant will withdraw from the competition. A separate proposal must be submitted for each site.

An applicant must be the sole owner of the site that is the subject of its Cleanup Grant proposal and must own the site by December 20, 2016, in order to be eligible to receive a cleanup grant. The Brownfields Law requires applicants to provide a 20 percent cost share for Cleanup Grants.

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EPA Brownfield Assessment & Cleanup Grants, Deadline Dec. 20

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