Energy Efficiency Block Grant Apps Due Aug 10

Congratulations to the City of Charlevoix for taking the Green Community Challenge!

Michigan Green Communities Challenge is part of the an energy efficiency and renewable energy block grant program created through the federal recovery act. The deadline to apply for these funds has been extended to August 10. Funds may be used community-wide for energy efficiency and energy conservation, projects and programs. These can include: building energy audits, codes and enforcement (development and promotion of zoning changes to promote energy efficient development), material conservation programs (recycling), transportation improvements (including bike paths and walkways), renewable energy for municipal buildings, signals and street lighting, and more.

More information on the program’s basics is available online:

While larger urban areas have allocations setaside, smaller communities can also apply under the competitive grant allocation category. Michigan has been designated to receive $19,599,600, with an additional $57M+ allocated for the larger urban areas.

MML also has created a challenge on their website:
All Michigan communities are eligible to complete the Basic Challenge, a program designed to reflect the governing body’s commitment to adopt policies and programs of energy efficiency and conservation. If a community decides to accept the Basic Challenge, its governing board must pass a resolution indicating its desire to participate, and complete Steps 1–6 as outlined in the attached materials.

Details are available on MML’s website, a quick summary of the six steps includes:
1. Obtain Organizational Support (Resolution)
2. Assign Responsibility
3. Collect all Energy Data for Governmental Operations
4. Assess Situation and Identify Gaps
5. Develop Goals and Activities: Planning for the Future
6. Measure Performance and Quantify Results

You can apply for these funds whether you are a member of MML or not, however, your community needs to be prepared to complete the steps required by the grant program.

Contact us for more information on making your community more energy efficient!

Energy Efficiency Block Grant Apps Due Aug 10

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