Aquatic Habitat Restoration Grants, Pre-Proposal Deadline Aug. 29


The Department of Natural Resources today announced its second round of funding in 2014 for the Aquatic Habitat Grant Program. This program is focused on funding projects that protect intact and rehabilitate degraded aquatic habitat.

There is $1,250,000 available for the second round of this year’s program. Funded projects will emphasize protecting intact and rehabilitating degraded aquatic resources throughout the state; developing self-sustaining aquatic communities that provide for continuing recreational opportunities and natural resource-based economies; and developing strong relationships and partnerships along with new expertise with respect to aquatic habitat protection and recovery.

Funding is available for eligible single- and multiple-year projects by local, state, federal and tribal governments, non-profit groups and individuals through an open competitive process. Minimum grant amounts will be set at $25,000, with the maximum amount being the amount of funds available for that grant cycle. Projects can address issues on streams, rivers, lakes or the Great Lakes. Smaller projects within the same watershed addressing similar issues and system processes can be bundled into a single grant proposal package in order to reach minimum grant amount requirements if necessary.

The program is structured slightly different this round, with a pre-proposal process implemented. Applicants must complete and submit a three-page pre-proposal form for review by the DNR’s Fisheries Division for the project area. Pre-proposals must be postmarked no later than Aug. 29. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their pre-proposal and, if successful, will be invited to submit a complete application packet for their project. However, an invitation to submit a complete application packet does not guarantee a project will be funded.

“Michigan’s world-class fisheries depend on great aquatic habitat,” said DNR Fisheries Division Chief Jim Dexter. “This program is critical as we strive to enhance the state’s fisheries and build partnerships with entities that are committed to doing the same.”

The Aquatic Habitat Grant Program pre-proposal period began Aug. 1 and ends at the close of business on Aug. 29. Successful pre-proposal applicants will be notified by Sept. 30. This grant program is funded by revenues from fishing and hunting license fees.

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Aquatic Habitat Restoration Grants, Pre-Proposal Deadline Aug. 29

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