Ag Marketing Grants, Deadline May 12

FSMIP provides matching funds on a competitive basis to assist eligible entities explore new market opportunities and to encourage research and innovation aimed at improving the efficiency and performance of the U.S. agricultural marketing system. The 2016 allocation for grants is approximately $1 million.

Proposals may focus on addressing barriers, overcoming challenges or realizing opportunities manifesting at any stage of the marketing chain including direct, wholesale, and retail. Proposals must have a strong marketing focus, must involve research, and the primary beneficiaries must be agricultural producers and agribusinesses. Proposals that involve training or education programs must include a research component that tests the effects of the program on the marketing goals. Proposals may involve small, medium or large scale agricultural entities but should benefit multiple producers or agribusinesses. Proposals that benefit one agribusiness or individual will not be considered.Proposals that address issues of importance at the State, multi-State, or national level are appropriate for FSMIP.

Of particular interest are proposals that reflect a collaborative approach between the States, academia, the farm sector and other appropriate entities and stakeholders. FSMIP will also consider unique proposals on a smaller scale that may serve as pilot projects or case studies useful as models for others. Such proposals should include an objective to analyze opportunities and formulate recommendations with regard to how the project could be scaled up or expanded to other regions.

Eligible applicants are state governments or public/state universities. Contact us for more information. To learn more about GFA visit our website at

Ag Marketing Grants, Deadline May 12

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