Small Community Air Program, Deadline June 11

The grant period is now open for the Small Community Air Program. The program has approximately $40M dollars available.
A. Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants are small communities that meet the following statutory criteria (49 U.S.C. § 41743): 1. As of calendar year 1997, the airport serving the community was not larger than a small hub airport, and it has insufficient air carrier service or unreasonably high air fares; and 2. The airport serving the community presents characteristics, such as geographic diversity or unique circumstances, that demonstrate the need for, and feasibility of, grant assistance from the Small Community Program. No more than 4 communities or consortia of communities, or a combination thereof, from the same state may be selected to participate in the program in any fiscal year. No more than 40 communities or consortia of communities, or a combination thereof, may be selected to participate in the program in each year for which the funds are appropriated. Communities without existing air service: Communities that do not currently have commercial air service are eligible for SCASDP funds, but air service providers must have met or be able to meet in a reasonable period all Departmental requirements for air service certification, including safety and economic authorities.

Essential Air Service communities: Small communities that meet the basic SCASDP criteria and currently receive subsidized air service under the Essential Air Service (EAS) program are eligible to apply for SCASDP funds. However, grant awards to EAS-subsidized communities are limited to marketing or promotion projects that support existing or newly subsidized EAS. Grant funds will not be authorized for EAS-subsidized communities to support any new competing air service. Furthermore, no funds will be authorized to support additional flights by EAS carriers or changes to those carriers’ existing schedules. These restrictions are necessary to avoid conflicts with the EAS program. Consortium applications: Both individual communities and consortia of communities are eligible for SCASDP funds. An application from a consortium of communities must be one that seeks to facilitate the efforts of the communities working together toward one joint grant project, with one joint objective, including the establishment of one entity to ensure that the joint objective is accomplished. Multiple Applications: Communities may file only one application for a grant, either individually or as part of a consortium.

The Small Community Program was established by the Wendell H. Ford Aviation Investment and Reform Act for the 21st Century (P.L. 106-181) and reauthorized by the Vision 100-Century of Aviation Reauthorization Act (P.L. 108-176). The program is designed to provide financial assistance to small communities to help them enhance their air service. The Department provides this assistance in the form of monetary grants that are disbursed on a reimbursable basis. Authorization for this program is codified at 49 U.S.C. § 41743. The Small Community Program is authorized to receive appropriations under 49 U.S.C. § 41743(e)(2), as amended. Appropriations are provided for this program for award in FY 2012 pursuant to the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 (P.L. 112-95). The Department has up to $14 million available for FY 2012 grant awards to carry out this program. There is no limit on the amount of individual awards, and the amounts awarded will vary depending upon the features and merits of the proposals selected. In past years, the Department’s individual grant sizes have ranged from $20,000 to nearly $1.6 million.

Current Closing Date for Applications:     Jun 11, 2012    Applications of no more than 25 pages each (one-sided only, excluding the completed SF424, cover sheet, Summary Information schedule, and any letters from the community showing support for the application), including all required information, must be submitted to no later than 5 PM EDT on Monday, June 11, 2012.
Archive Date:     Jul 11, 2012
Funding Instrument Type:     Grant
Category of Funding Activity:     Transportation
Category Explanation:
Expected Number of Awards:     40
Estimated Total Program Funding:     $14,000,000
Award Ceiling:
Award Floor:     $0
CFDA Number(s):     20.930  —  Payments for Small Community Air Service Development
Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement:     No

Small Community Air Program, Deadline June 11

Great Lakes Energy People Fund, Deadline June 1

The Great Lakes Energy People Fund is accepting grant applications from nonprofit organizations throughout its local service area.

The upcoming grant application deadline is Friday, June 1.

The People Fund is supported solely by Great Lakes Energy members who allow their electric cooperative to round up their bill each month to the next dollar. Since 1999, more than $2.2 million in grants have been awarded to charitable and community organizations throughout Great Lakes Energy’s 26-county service area, which stretches from Kalamazoo to the Straits of Mackinac.

“The People Fund is made possible by the generosity of our members who contribute a few cents each month by rounding-up their bill,” said Great Lakes Energy president/chief executive officer Steve Boeckman. “We encourage non-profit community organizations to apply so that the funds can be put to good use in our local service area.”

Nonprofit organizations can request a grant application through the People Fund by calling Great Lakes Energy, (888) 485-2537, extension 1313. Organizations that are unable to apply by June 1 will have another opportunity to submit an application this fall.

From the Petoskey News.

Great Lakes Energy People Fund, Deadline June 1

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, Due May 24

Up to approximately $20 million may be awarded under this RFA for about 100 projects contingent on the quality of applications received, funding availability and other applicable considerations. Applications are requested for projects identified in the RFA within the following four GLRI focus areas:

1.Toxic Substances and Areas of Concern, including reduction of toxic substances (through pollution prevention or other means) in the most polluted areas in the Great Lakes;

2.Invasive Species, including efforts to institute a “zero tolerance policy” toward new invasions;

3.Nearshore Health and Nonpoint Source Pollution, including a targeted geographic focus on high priority watersheds and reducing polluted runoff from urban, suburban and agricultural sources; and

4.Accountability, Education, Monitoring, Evaluation, Communication and Partnerships, including climate change resiliency and strategic partnerships through Lakewide Management Plans.

Eligible Applicants:

Governmental entities, including state agencies, interstate agencies, Indian tribes, local governments as defined in 40 CFR Section 31.3, institutions of higher learning (e.g., colleges and universities subject to 40 CFR Part 30 or 40 CFR Part 31), and nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply for funding under this RFA.

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Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, Due May 24

Community Connect Grant Program, Deadline June 18

The Community Connect program serves rural communities where broadband service is least likely to be available, but where it can make a tremendous difference in the quality of life for citizens. The projects funded by these grants will help rural residents tap into the enormous potential of the Internet.


The following entities are eligble for funding::

      • Incorporated Organizations
      • Indian Tribes or Tribal Organizations, as defined in 25 U.S.C. 450b(b) and (c).
      • State or local units of government, or
      • Cooperative, private corporations or limited liability companies, organized on a for-profit or not-for-profit basis


    Eligible areas include:

    • A single community with a population less than 20,000 which does not have Broadband Transmission Service


Applications for the 2012 Fiscal Year are now being accepted. Completed applications must be postmarked, hand delivered, or submitted through by June 18, 2012 in order to be considered for funding.

Fund Uses

Funds may be used to build broadband infrastructure and establish a community center which offers free public access to broadband for two years.

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Community Connect Grant Program, Deadline June 18