Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program Grants, Deadline Nov. 15

The Straits, Photo by Heather Brady

The Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program was established by the Michigan legislature in 1999 to assist local groups in preserving and protecting lighthouses. The program arose from the efforts of the Michigan Lighthouse Project and concern about the disposal of some 70 lighthouses by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Who Can Apply?

Nonprofits and state or local governments that own (or are in the process of acquiring) or have long-term leases on a lighthouse are eligible to apply for these funds. Private individuals are not eligible for these grants. Application deadline for FY2012 grants: postmarked no later than November 15, 2011.

New for FY2012:

Grantees are limited to having two MLAP grants open at one time. One grant must be for planning and one grant must be for rehabilitation. A grantee may not have two grants of the same type open at the same time. A grant must be closed before the grantee can submit a new application for a grant of the same type.
To allow for larger projects, we are raising the cap on the maximum award amount from $40,000 to $60,000. The match requirement remains at 50% of the grant amount.

We are placing more emphasis on 1) receiving complete grant application materials at time of application; and 2) projects that are ready to begin work at application time, and not dependent on future actions, approval or cooperation from other organizations before the project can begin. Please refer to Page 6, Lighthouse Assistance Program Scoring Criteria, to see how your grant application will be evaluated.
MLAP grants funding rehabilitation or stabilization work require a historic preservation easement in perpetuity

Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program Grants, Deadline Nov. 15