Youth Arts & Culture Grants, Due May 8

The retention and community engagement of young people (14-25 years-old)
through arts and culture in Michigan.

Program Objectives: The NLACM want to support the following:
♦ Cool programs or projects young people are already working on to help make them “cooler”
♦ Ideas young people have about how to make their community cool
♦ Projects that use arts and culture to empower young people in Michigan
♦ Projects that involve the creative mentorship of young people

♦ The program must be led by a young person or young people… 14-25 years-old
♦ The program must have a 1:1 match, cash or in-kind
♦ Project budget and budget itemization
♦ List of people involved with the project (include leadership and administrative positions, if possible)

Narrative (Questions to be answered in three pages or less)
♦ General: Project description, timeline, desired outcomes (impact on young people), evaluation(ways to determine success), budget
♦ How does this program promote youth empowerment?
♦ How will this program encourage young people to stay Michigan?
♦ How are young people mentored as part of this program?
♦ How are young people involved in the implementation, administration, and/or leadership of this program?

♦ Applicants must be a Michigan Non-profit 501c(3) or other tax exempt organization, proof of tax exempt status must accompany the grant application. Applications may be in partnership with youth based organizations or student groups
♦ Applications must be postmarked no later than May 8, 2010.
♦ The project must occur between June 1 and September 30, 2010.
♦ Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Complete guidelines

Youth Arts & Culture Grants, Due May 8

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